Bored Hubertus tunnel

Bored Hubertus tunnel, Holland
Project type:Bored tunnel
Services:Technical design
Country:The Netherlands
Completion:Med 2008
Client:Municipality The Hague

The Hubertus tunnel will become an important part of the Noordelijke Randweg of the municipality of The Hague. The tunnel begins at the location of the ecoduct over the Landscheidingsweg and comes out into the Hubertus tunnel. The bored tunnel consists of two tunnel tubes. The tunnel will be the first bored tunnel in the Netherlands to pass under buildings.

The tunnel is being built by Bouwcombinatie Hubertus Tunnel Combinatie (HTC). This organisation consists of the contractors BAM Civiel, Van Hattum & Blankevoort and Ways & Freitag Ingenieurbau. Construction commenced in 2004 and the tunnel will be open to traffic by mid-2008.

The tunnel borer bored the two tunnel tubes – each 1500 metres in length – by means of the so-called hydroshield method. Every 250 metres transverse connections were created between the two tunnel tubes using the freezing method. After the placement of the transverse connections the further tunnel tube construction can commence. Next year the fire-resistant coating can be applied and all technical tunnel components can be installed. The installation of these facilities will result in a safe tunnel that fits flawlessly into the landscape, with the faster and safer flow of traffic also meaning considerably less inconvenience for those living nearby.
Throughout the construction of the Hubertus tunnel DMC engineers will be closely involved in the technical design of both the civil and tunnel installation components.



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