old center of its own and Baku is not an exception

Almost every modern city has an old center of its own and Baku is not an exception. It is here where one can feel the soul of the city. We are inviting you for a walk.

There are almost no cars in the old city as the entry for them is not free. Mainly hotels are located here. The city changed its symbols. It used to be Maiden’s Tower before but now it is Flame Tower.

The old part of the city is represented by its fortress where the Shirvanshaks’ palace is located. The palace was built in the 15th century.

The hall of the palace now looks like a well-repaired and polished exhibition center.

The museum of miniature books.

The legendary Maiden’s Tower. Shakh’s daughter did not want to marry the man chosen by her father and asked to build a tower. By the time the construction was over, she jumped out of its roof into the sea as her father didn’t change his decision. Now the sea is 150-200 km away from the Tower.

The carpet will be ready by the coming Eurovision contest.

Karavan-Sarai restaurant.

Old yards.

The workshop of Ali Shamsi.

Love is a loud absence.

AzRu.TV is the only Russian-speaking channel of Azerbaijan.

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