Funny designs from Helmut Smits

While entering website of Helmut Smits, we can read a pleasant phrase: “Welcome to the website of Helmut Smits.” So, Helmut Smits (1974) is a visual artist from Rotterdam that situated in Netherlands. I don’t know, where he takes his inspiration, but this football stadium looks awesome and so eatable. It was built in 2008 and is made from halogen work lights, fruit boxes, wood, fruits and stands.

Then, my attention was drawn by this unusual drum kit. Isn’t it great? Made from tin cans and metal wire. Looking at it I immediately feel like playing.

Most people perfectly understand what does it mean Nascar show and Helmut Smits has even offered his own vision from shopping and garbage bags, tape, air and plastic foil.

His Street fountain produced in 2002 was a real shock; just imagine a small water fountain pumping in the middle of the road surface. It always appears while it rains.

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