New LCD TV with Funny Design – HANNSapple 28“ by HANNspree

If you like funny and original items and aren’t afraid to experiment with your interior design then you might appreciate creative TVs by HANNspree. Some times ago HANNspree has charmed many people by its 9.6-inch LCD TV in apple’s shape, which had a huge success in the world. Now you could find in shops the new model HANNSapple 28 “ with the similar design. This Full HD LCD TV looks like a piece of a big red apple with green leaves and small brown stem. In additional to absolutely unusual look this TV also has a good technical characteristics: 16:10 widescreen format, full HD resolution and high contrast (800:1). So it could provide a pleasant time while watching movies in the perfect quality. This TV could become an excellent decoration of a kitchen or could be an interesting element of kids room design. Its price is 399 Euros and you could find further information on HANNspree site.

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