Petaling Jaya Trade Centre

Me went to PJ Trade Centre yesterday and fell in love with the building. This is probably one of my favorite Brutalist architecture in Malaysia, is it Brutalist??? The Designer Architects for PJ Trade Centre is Kevin Low’s small projects and Yelill Architect.

Anyway, I really appreciate the honesty of the unfinished brick, concrete and its texture. Unlike Cesar Pelli’s Petronas Tower (world’s tallest twin tower) and its imposing steel and glass structure, PJ Trade Center on the other hand is really down to earth, blends with the surrounding and most important of all – the building will age gracefully.

Unfortunately, I don’t have my camera with me, and that could potentially be tragic in situation like this, then again, we have Google. Here are some pics by (Visit his blog for more)

Here are some bullshits from the developer’s marketing department:

Says Chan, `The faade of the building is inspired by the Malaysian culture of weaving and is like a woven cloth which wraps around the building in a scaled screen wrap. We believe that this unique faade could become one of the icons of PJ as it is visible from along Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP).’

image source and copyright:

image source and copyright:

Most of my non-architecture friends dislike these ‘type’ of architecture, they find it ugly, outdated, uncreative, dirty, and boring.

Thank you Mahathir Mohammad the evil, now the definition for creative and modern architecture in Malaysia has to be like Petronas Tower and Purtajaya, the elements are – Glass, Steel, Arabic Dome, Arabic Symbols, and if possible, it has to come in pairs.

Thanks you! Live long and prosper Mr.Mamak.

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