Quartier M

Urban development block with a high rise for office, hotel, wellness and commercial use

© Architecture: J. MAYER H.
Team: Juergen Mayer H., Max Reinhardt, Simon Kassner, Hugo Reis, Jan-Christoph Stockebrand
Investor: Lorac Investment Management, Luxemburg
Structure and facade planning: Knippers Helbig, Stuttgart
Climate and energy concept: Transsolar, Stuttgart
Traffic consultant: GRI Gesellschaft für Gesamtverkehrsplanung, Berlin
Start of construction approx: 2014

(Visualization: J. MAYER H.)

(Visualization: J. MAYER H.)

(Visualization: J. MAYER H.)

In a three-level peer review process that resulted in two first-prize winners, an urban planning concept was developed for the area of what was once the post office on Erkrather Strasse. The so-called "Quartier M" is to serve as the future link between the Hauptbahnhof central station and Tanzhaus NRW/Capitol, becoming a lively city quarter for living and working. In addition to offices and a hotel, the trend-setting urban design also provides for both privately financed and government subsidized public housing.
Other plans include space for a day care center for children and service providers for the quarter.

The urban plan for "Quartier M" in Düsseldorf envisions three building blocks. The office of J. MAYER H. - one of the two prizewinners - will realize the commercial block including the office/hotel high rise. The planned high rise will grow like a sculpture from one of the enclosing peripheral developments. A peripheral structure unifies the "Quartier M" as a cohesive urban plan, creating a striking conclusion to the city's cultural boulevard. The required pre-construction planning proceedings are scheduled for completion in mid-2014.

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