Breakwater Limbe, Cameroon

Breakwater Limbe, Cameroon
Project type:Breakwater
Services:Detailed design
Country:Limbe, Cameroon
(design)Client:BAM International / Chantier Naval et Industriel du Cameroun s.a.(CNIC)

The scope of Works consists of the following elements: Wave data study (determination of nearshore design wave conditions), Rubble mound breakwater, Shore protection, Crown-wall, Physical model testing, Wave diffraction analysis.

DMC was requested by BAM International to carry out the detailed design of a breakwater and shore protection at Limbe, Cameroon. The rock armoured breakwater with a length of 700m and an average depth of -14 mCD protects the future shipyard against severe wave action. The land reclamation with shore protection connects the breakwater with the shore. Chantier Naval et Industriel du Cameroun s.a. (CNIC) is the Client for the construction of the complete ship repair yard of which these Marine Works form the first phase. The Works consist of the detailed design of the breakwater and slope protection including the design of the crown-wall, the supervision of 2-D and 3-D hydraulic model testing of the breakwater, the performance of a wave diffraction analysis and the preparation of technical specifications for the construction phase. The 2-D and 3-D physical model tests are carried out to verify the stability of the rock armoured breakwater.


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