6. Civil Engineer

Growing up in Nigeria, Bakare wanted to be a civil engineer like his dad.
Top 100 rank: 6
Sector: Construction, Architecture, Engineering

What they do: Design and supervise the creation of highways, bridges, sewer and water systems, power plants, and the like. Huge projects in countries like China and India are creating a shortage of qualified local engineers, bolstering demand for U.S. talent. America's own infrastructure is in desperate need of an overhaul.

What's to like: What's perhaps most satisfying for engineers is the tangible legacy they leave. "My son and grandson will be able to see how I left my mark on the world," says Tajudeen Bakare, 52, of CT Consultants, who has designed major bridge and highway improvements in the Columbus area. You can find jobs no matter what kind of community you prefer, from big cities to small towns.

What's not to like: The maze of permits and regulations can be maddening. Writing detailed proposals and speaking at local government hearings are not every engineer's idea of nirvana.

Requirements: A bachelor's in civil engineering and a state license. Specialty jobs like structural engineer often require a master's.

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