In-Place construction technique. 4'x4' Panels overlap 3" to form a continuous super-large sheet of plywood. Curves form automatically (no pre-bending). Even though this structure is incomplete the Conic geometry has already become strong enough to support a crew member. When completed the ridge is the strongest part of the structure.

850 Square Foot freestanding workshop assembled in 8 days with 3 man crew.. Composed entirely of 4x4 ft. 1/2 in. plywood panels.

Welcome to Conic SheltersConic Shelters (called "Conics" for short) are a thin-shell architectural form built from square plywood components. Conics are cost effective and highly versatile shelter (no rafters, fast assembly) that can be used for open-air shelter or closed-in residential, shop, or office construction. Multiple insulation options are available.

Conic exteriors are typically covered with weather-tight Ames Research elastomeric coatings, Conic Shelters can last up to ten years and then require a single additional layer of elastomeric for another 10 years of service. Available in any color, environmentally friendly, applied by brush or airless spray-on, these coatings are tough and beautiful.

Conic Shelters can be constructed in thousands of configurations. This computer model is a very low-profile configuration made entirely of 3/4" plywood with no rafters or other internal supports. Doors and windows can be added in almost any location without sacraficing structural integrity as shown below.

As Built. This 500 sq. ft. residence is built with no rafters or stud walls. The curve shape of the Conic provides all the structure. This Conic is built on grade with a surrounding french drain system. There is no step up or down to enter the structure - a great feature for older folks!

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