Classification according to type

Earth Dams : 

§ Homogeneous Earth Dams

§ Zoned Earth Dams

§ Diaphragm Dams

Rockfill Dams

Gravity Dams

Arch Dams

Buttress Dams

Classification according to reservoir behind

Flood Control Reservoir

Storage Reservoir

Economic Dam Height

Fish Ways

A Dam:

An obstruction ( عائق) built on a stream or a river to collect water behind it

A Reservoir:

An artificial (صناعي), seasonal or permanent lake, that is created at the US of a dam and used for the purpose of Irrigation, Drinking, Land reclamation, Electricity generation, Fishing, Recreation and (or) Protection of towns from flood danger 

Layout of the Bonneville Dam Site

Layout of the Almendra Arch
Dam (photograph)

A View of a Gravity Overflow Dam ( from the Down Stream side)

Earth Dams:

• They are trapezoidal in shape

• Earth dams are constructed where the foundation or the underlying material or rocks are weak to support the masonry dam or where the suitable competent rocks are at greater depth.

• Earthen dams are relatively smaller in height and broad at the base

• They are mainly built with clay, sand and gravel, hence they are also known as Earth fill dam or Rock fill dam

A view of a gravity over flow Dam

Arch Dam (photograph)

Embankment Dam:

Arch Dams

• These type of dams are concrete or masonry dams which are curved or convex upstream in plan

• This shape helps to transmit the major part of the water load to the abutments

• Arch dams are built across narrow, deep river gorges, but now in recent years they have been considered even for little wider valleys.

Arch Dam(photograph)

Buttress Dam:

• Buttress Dam – Is a gravity dam reinforced by structural supports

• Buttress - a support that transmits a force from a roof or wall to another supporting structure

This type of structure can be considered even if the foundation rocks are little weaker

Buttress Dam

Type and arrangement of incomplete transverse baffles for fish pools

For Fish Elevation from Downstream to Upstream Reservoir Level

Fishway at a dam site

A photograph for Fish way at a adam site

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