Energy geostructures

Energy geostructures

Almost half of the energy used is
dedicated to buildings, including heating and cooling. Buildings are one of the major sources of CO2 release in the atmosphere. Decreasing the environmental impact of buildings and developing renewable energy solutions is therefore a crucial challenge in terms of sustainable development.
The LMS runs researches on environmental method of cooling and heating buildings: energy geostructures. These structures adsorb and transport ground thermal energy to the buildings via fluid pipes cast in the foundations. This avoids the energy-intensive and CO2-emitting aspects of classical heating systems and air-conditioning.

The basis of our work consists of observing, measuring, understanding and predicting how energy geostructures behave. The goal is to optimize the sustainability of the technology. As a practical application, the work provides answers to actual questions from practitioners and contributes to the dissemination of the technology.
A session concerning Energy Geostructures will be organized by Professor L.Laloui at the Geo-Frontiers conference in Dallas, Texas USA, on 13-16 March 2011.

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