Engineering   the word with multiple meanings, it is accepted that the origin of

Engineering word is a Persian word (Alandazh) means the ability to solve problems.

Engineering branch of mathematics taught abstract geometric shapes, trying to find

Mathematical relationships among its elements: Geometry Geometry.

Engineering Applied Engineering: Knowledge is the use of mathematical engineering

And physical solutions and applications in different branches of science and practical life.


Branches of Applied Engineering as follows:


Mechanical Engineering

Software Engineering

Systems Engineering

Computer Engineering

Network Engineering

Engineering of rockets

Communications Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Genetics Engineering

Minerals and Mining Engineering

Power Engineering

Electrical Engineering Avanahengh

Agricultural engineering

Engineering Planning


Civil Engineering

Surveying Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Genetic Engineering

Transport Engineering

Engineering Jyotknikih

Chemical Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Marine engineering

Refrigeration Engineering and Air Conditioning

Mechatronics Engineering

1. Pyunic

Albionak is the branch of engineering where engineers are trying to mimic nature. It was the first to use this word and spread the Major in the U.S. Air Force Jack Steele is the integration of biology is a biology and technology

To become the Bionic and so to indicate that it can take advantage of the nature and design in technical areas.

2. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the science of studying physical systems, and applies the basic foundations of the laws of physics to analyze these systems.

Sub basic sciences in the science of mechanics:

Strength of Materials
Heat Transfer
Fluid dynamics of fluids
Solid mechanics
Control theory
Pneumatic ..... Pneumatics
Hydraulics .... hydraulics
Mechanical electronic ...... mechatronics
Thermodynamics ...... thermodynamics

Mechanical engineers should understand and be able to apply concepts from the fields of electrical engineering and chemicals.

3. Software Engineering

Ndsh software (Software engineering) is the branch of informatics aims to develop a set principles and rules lead to improved methods of design and software development at all levels; in a manner that meets the needs of users. Software engineering do not bother writing the same program code of any type, but trying to improve the process of developing and making the program starting from the specifications that puts customer, and at the end of the problem of maintenance of the program or expand it. It is based on the study of user needs and design the appropriate program before the encoded writing, and taking into account several aspects such as the ability to develop the program easily later, or speed, or has the ability to add extensions dynamically.

4. Computer Engineering

Ndsh computer engineering or information technology is one of the branches of electrical engineering, a jurisdiction which combines Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. Computer engineers are a basis for electronics engineers and have additional information, training and experience in software design and gear drive of the computer, especially in the integration of software with hardware. Computer engineers involved in all areas of computing from the design of micro-processors, personal computers and super computers and even supercomputer circuit design and chip integration Alnzma addition to the computer with other types of systems (such as motor vehicles and digital systems). (2).
Computer engineers also contributes in the writing of code software blades embedded software for embedded micro-controllers with real-time microcontroller design chips VLSI, analogue sensors work on analog sensors, designing operating systems, and even circuit boards and circuit board robots.

5. Network Engineering

Network is a group of devices connected with each other. Can be de Alastpha of the network to share files and printers between machines linked on the network. Interested in studying types of network architecture and network protocols used by the cable carrier and the types of data between networks.

The networks and services Matkdmh usher in the modern age of communication has become so reliable delivery of information between different devices or similar devices on the Aa and Bermjat called the hardware and software network.

6. Communications Engineering

Communications Engineering is the engineering of all topics related to digital and analog communications. It includes with it within the electrical and electromagnetic signals, and methods of transport, and processing.

Communication system typically consists of the sender and the future of the communication channel. Telecommunications Engineering is considering these three components in detail:

Sender: is the unit that you snapped the information and preparation to be sent through the channel, and here occurs modulated (modulation).
Channel: the medium in which the transmitted signals and information (such as the atmosphere in the case of radio).
The future: it is the receiver of the signals, which are removed Almaajh of signals and information from the show it is new.

7 - biomedical engineering

Is the science that in examining the human body in terms of engineering and can be divided into two two basic industry members of the human and the second part is the medical equipment and manufactured to suit the human body is a link between the science of medicine and engineering sciences Vmeng medicine life must know the body of the organism to design what compatible with the factory or by the member or a medical device

The Biomedical Engineering of the latest engineering sciences that have arisen with the development of modern medicine, after that the doctor alone do all the tasks of diagnosis, treatment, and even manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, the medical device synonymous essential to the doctor in the diagnosis, treatment and control patients, because of the urgent need for the development of medical devices and equipment including serve the health of patients and the speed of hospital treatment, was to be the intervention of professionals from fields other than medicine for the design of these devices, such as engineers from the jurisdiction of electricity, mechanics, electronics and computer ... as it was on these engineers familiarity also science medical anatomy and physiology of the human body and so to understand the mechanism of action of each system and which harness knowledge and develop their competence, including the devices, and thus emerged the need for an engineer familiar with all these functions in part on the one hand and could deal with the doctors the other hand, with the attention that it is not a substitute for any of them. Medical devices are divided into two parts: A - medical devices Chkhisahmthel a wave ultrasonic ultrasound B - medical devices, such as therapeutic devices and chemotherapy treatment wave

8 - Engineering Avanah

In Engineering, Engineering Alavanah is the engineering that holds a place intermediate between Euclidean geometry and projective Engineering. Engineering is a space with n Alavia after the field.

Engineering Alavanah can be explained as a vector architecture without any interference to the length and angles in the process of characterization.

9 - Electrical Engineering

Engineering calling on the areas of power engineering is concerned with electricity and الإلكترونياتوالكهرومغناطيسية, and applications. Include electrical engineering also include: production of electricity, transport, and use of electrical devices in the accounts, communication, measurement and control.

10 - Agricultural Engineering

For Agricultural Engineering is one of the engineering applications in the fields of agriculture and employed agronomists, part of the Engineering Science and branching out into several areas, including agricultural production and natural resource management. Agricultural engineers apply knowledge and skills Engthm resolve problems related to agricultural production continuously.

Agricultural engineers doing design work of agricultural and design of mechanisms and Alojhzhalzeraih agronomists may perform the task layout, supervise and manage such as the production plans of dairy effluent and irrigation and drainage, and develop ways to save Alterbhoualema, as well as work agronomists on estimates of environmental impacts and translate research results and apply the practices of the relationship. Some features include electrical system design structures and mechanisms, and ecology and to improve food and agricultural product processing. A large percentage of agricultural engineers work in academia or government agencies or Halhalamtdad agricultural services Alzeraionalanteg engineers, sales, management, research and development

And divided into several sections, including: -

Engineering irrigation and drainage

Agricultural mechanization
Agricultural processing
Plows agricultural
Engines and tractors
Agricultural buildings
Animal Production
Plant production
Production of genetically engineered plants
Design of gardens and parks

11 - Architecture

The Architecture (Architectural Engineering) on ​​the knowledge of many branches Alenghaltsamam architectural and construction to maintenance and operational building. And the importance of the architect that is familiar enough from the building as a whole, so the architect familiar with all aspects of the building in terms of construction, ventilation, movement, electrical connections and also the architectural design.

12 - Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the branch of engineering design means Alabana, roads, bridges, ports and Alonfaqoualemtarat and the establishment of sewage systems, dams and irrigation projects, canals and channels that any science which deals with the design and construction of infrastructure for everything.

Like a constantly evolving science and non-stop in recent times intertwined with the industrial development largely for the production of new construction materials and advanced to meet the growing requirements.

One example is plastic fortified fiber, called GRC, which is a lightweight material and with a high hardness almost solid rock, making molds according to the required design and color you want, you can get on the building of arches and vaults and facades like a stone and can not be distinguished only with difficulty and at the same time and weight counts for 20% of the weight the same volume of natural stone.

13 - Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Environmental engineering is a field that applies the principles of science and engineering to provide the environment and the vicinity of the best available for its clean air, water and arable land to be around and a good environment to live the human and other organisms, through the Environmental Engineering is to reduce the negative impact caused by environmental pollution and Altgmpeh is through awareness and reform and the development of systems and laws that limit the environmental pollution is through environmental engineering resources and maintain natural resources without pollution and misuse through the application of several policies such as restoring use and recycling of waste and Almaljh.

14 - Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering or Chemical Engineering write
Is the branch of engineering science, which with the design and development of industrial processes chemical or manufacturing, design, construction and management of factories that process is the basic which is the chemical reactions and fall under this specialty the movement of material, temperature, mass, also includes reactions and separation processes multi-stage .

Engineers, chemists interested in the applications of knowledge gained from basic science and practical experience. Also interested in the design and development of industrial processes and plant management in order to convert a safe and economical chemical raw materials to useful products. Engineering is the science of chemical engineering with a broader base of engineering sciences are, and this will be the institutions and companies constantly seeking to hire engineers, chemists in technical fields and in various locations in the supervision of the various types of industries. And classified salaries of graduates of the modern chemical engineers with high salaries earned by graduates of the modern university.

The industrial areas that are supervised by engineers, chemists, very wide, is the most important of the chemical industry and oil and petrochemicals. , And Saudi Arabia, for example, the largest petrochemical production, which relies heavily on chemical engineers.

15 - Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering is the field of engineering and its advantages as a field in many different industries and applications such as aviation, banks, hospitals, oil companies and others it is considered a public space to achieve the management objectives through the preparation of plans and good organization and preserve the quality, application and dealing with employees and other It is possible for industrial engineer access to administrative positions because of his relative and management tasks. Industrial Engineer in a brief word is a bridge between management and its objectives. There are many definitions for Industrial Engineering

But there are major lines to her:

Develop ways to best take advantage of people, machines, tools and other in order to reach the best ways to provide economical service or manufacture a product.

Interested in engineering to improve and develop integrated systems of people, tools, energy, and have the necessary knowledge of the knowledge of mathematics and social sciences.

16 - Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering (or known engineering oil) is the science of looking at how to track and discuss citizen signed presence of oil. This is outlined the definition of her as the engineer in this area is working hard in the search Ballowasaúl talk and how to deal with this equipment.

Curriculum covers the basic competence in petroleum engineering or petroleum reservoir engineering topics and engineering drilling and production engineering.

17 - freedom of Engineering

Specializes in Marine Engineering
Design and construction and shipbuilding
Engines of various kinds, such as
Oil tankers
Container carriers
Cargo carriers
Bulk carriers
Carriers of passengers
Cruise ships
Ships fast
Fishing vessels

Terms and electrical laws


We are in the area of ​​our work in Alkahrabatmr us in our plans or in the words of power, many are reluctant to terminology, symbols and laws 0

And from these statements that one of us can not say it did not go with me
It is this word 0

1 - What do we mean voltage electricity

2 - and everything related to and associated with electricity are
1 - Voltage 2 - amps 3 - electrical resistance of 4 - circuit 5 - electrons 6 - materials tanker 7 - insulation material 8 - static electricity 9 - the electric field
To know that we must know how the electric current consists

-------------------------------------------------- ------

We know that everything around us is composed of a number of elements, including the part very simple so-called corn and consists Almarh from the nucleus revolves around number of electrons and vary these elements from each other a number that contains all of the electrons and this element are two first carries shipments of negative a revolve around the nucleus and the nucleus is composed of a number of protons and electrons are equally a number of positive and know that that corn be electrically neutral

And electrons free to be far away from the nucleus is not committed to rotate around the nucleus, but roam freely between the atoms are attracted easily to the anode if the delivery of current to the metal, which contains electrons free which are those that assist in the flow of current (easy flow of current) and therefore we say that the trend is the movement of electrons free in the circuit and through that we know (the current is force electrical discharges through no electrons free) Since the material is not all equal some of which contain electrons free, which does not contain that contain these electrons we say them as materials tankers Ntgah The presence of these electrons will force Altaarabha bigger and faster, therefore, is a tanker 0

Materials tanker that left the electricity easily and without resistance

The material does not contain a large number of electrons free and known materials for non-tankers because it does not allow the stream to walk freely Ntgah the absence of electrons free in large numbers, therefore, be resistant to the flow of current, and thus we know that electrons are the objects atomic carrying electrical discharges
Thus, even if we know in a simple, on the electrical force carrier Hmaalttiar

The terminology and laws that are related to electricity, including

Voltage is the electric tension, which is the latency difference between the two power plants
A phase difference between carriers (phase difference between the Alvaz and jerk and 220 volts between Alvaz Alvaz and 380 volts
The electrical circuit is the route of the power from the source to the unequivocal Alakhmat to go back to the source to complete and form a circle of this so-called circuit-a path which passes by the mainstream 0

The units of measurement known and associated with the amps are plugged in, a unit measuring the flow of current in the carrier 0

Ohms, which is a measure of resistance to the flow of current in the carrier

Resistance ratio intercept the flow of current

All of that is committed to electricity and electricity is linked to the free movement of electrons that give the carrier transport in the quality 0 and results in the flow of current in the so-called vector electric field, a body charged with influence on the ocean around 0

Thus, we say that: -

1 - is the entry into force of the electric current of electric charges
2 - the free electrons are the atomic objects carrying electrical charge
3 - Materials tanker that is left by the electric current easily
4 - insulation material that is resistant to conduct electric current
5 - the electrical circuit is the route of the electric current
6 - resistance is the intercept material to force power
7 - ohms is a unit of measurement of resistance to the flow of current

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