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For years and years and we hear these myths and stories that include the idea that

Reading device or a human, and our thoughts are heard clearly as if we think of voice

Sonorous. This is not nothing new or strange but the new thing is that these myths and

Stories began to be realized on the ground!

Where was the invention of a device is the first of its kind in terms of the ability to read people's ideas

And can be translated to computer commands received and executed!!

Be controlled on your computer through the ideas of your mind! This is no longer a dream or a story.

EPOC neuroheadset device like headphones but containing 14

The pickup of the electrical signals produced by the brain, which related to the process of thinking when

Rights. All they do these satellite dishes is to record these signals and translate them to commands

Digital, he can count the computer or some of the games identified and then implemented!!

We see that we were part of a science fiction has now become a scientific fact, the head Vsmah Epoc

Still to this day under the operations of the development, modification and change up to one day

To that estimated that qualify to read all our thoughts and translate them to your full control and

Computer through your mind.

Do you wish to get this device and the potential to reach the flag to make this

Device able to read all your thoughts? Do not think so.

The amazing thing that this device has become available to many as it issued a copy for sale

At $ 299 only, and do not really know if this is a blessing or a curse!!

Even now there is nothing wrong in the matter is that the device is still only able to identify

Your thoughts concerning some of the commands associated with the device's computer, but what will actually happen

The development of this device and has translated all your ideas out loud!

This is the hope of many sectors and centers such as centers for those with special needs

Suffer from the problem of the inability to speak or to police stations for those who suffer from the problem

Know the identity of the offender.

But this device to other advantages such as not to need wires and extensions, it is a wireless device

Works for 12 hours almost continuously through the lithium battery.

Now hard they close Aanicm Imagine your EPOC has evolved and become you can use

At the top of your teacher obtained the exam questions?

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