5 Ways To Minimize Costs For Short-term Projects

5 Ways To Minimize Costs For Short-term Projects

More often than not your need to push hard in your business for a short period of time or execute a new product launch and you do not necessarily want to increase your long-term costs although you do need increase your resources. This can create many problems for anyone running a business. How to maintain a professional state of affairs and yet be able to reduce those extra burdens after the period of expansion or promotional period. Well, because of advancements in techniques and technologies there are solutions, from hiring a virtual assistant, to low cost websites. Here are some suggestions.
  • Web presence. Perhaps you need a web presence for a short period of time and you want to minimise on the cost of doing so. If you do a little searching online you will find companies that offer web hosting with short-term contracts and include free software that provides very good website building functions for the layman. With the use of this software and their other services, you can have your project specific website up and functioning in a matter of minutes, and only make payments by the month. A very good option for small business when they are doing short-term campaigns for example.
  • Pre-paid. There are more and more options for pre-paid communications these days. Perhaps you just want a number for a certain purpose for the period of your sales drive and wish to terminate that after you are done. Many new mobile service providers supply instant connection on a pre-paid basis with a range of services that was once only available for customers that signed a contract.
  • Virtual staff. More than outsourcing, this can be a very effective way to have the work that you want done by freelancers to a complicated and effective answering service. Some of these companies even have your virtual staff working under supervision and so you have some form of management and you can know more of what is happening. An excellent long-term and short-term solution for many businesses. Staff may be in lower cost areas than your own and this is a great way to make radical savings and may be better than what is on offer in your region. You buy services like products for specific needs and services can also be tailored to what you are looking for.
  • Telecommuting websites. These websites are like the eBay of services. All freelancers are members and have ratings and you as a buyer have ratings. These sites often also provide payment systems and allow for you to check the history of specific freelancers and their clients. If you understand the way that eBay integrates with Paypal and has a rating system, you will understand how these websites work. Do some research and find the one that suits you best.
  • Instant offices. A great solution if you need a bricks and mortar presence without the long-term costs. You can set up your own location in a matter of minutes with everything that you need from a front desk, with receptionists, to computers, networking, and all the other resources that any office would expect instantly. Solutions are available from office sizes from very small to as many as you want. The advantage of these types of offices is that they can also grow with you as you need and many provide a common area great to use for meetings or just taking a break – often with such things as coffee and tea provided. Hassle free office management in an instant.

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