Amazing Cathedral Made From 55,000 LEDs Rises at Belgium’s Festival of Lights

Amazing Cathedral Made From 55,000 LEDs Rises at Belgium’s
 Festival of Lights

The eye-catching structure will be a stand out out in the town and is the work of Luminarie De Cagna, an Italian family business. During local festive occassions, the company would light up buildings with oil and carbide lamps, but most likely due to the high fire risk, this was soon switched to electric lights. Today, only LEDs are used for set pieces and they are joined together to make massive curtains of light that can be draped over buildings. This allows whole sections of the town to be lit up.
The LED Cathedral was designed with Romanesque and Renaissance architecture in mind and at its zenith, it stands an impressive 28m high. Unsurprisingly, the cathedral has already been drawing large crowds to Belfortstraat like moths to a flame. You also need not worry about the amount of energy being used, as despite being made from 55,000 LEDs, it only consumes 20Kwh of electricity. If you live in the region and are thinking of attending, then you’ll be happy to hear that the light festival’s theme is ‘Happiness’, which is not a coincidence since 2012 is the Maeterlinck Year in Ghent.

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