How to Draw a Skyscraper

How to Draw a Skyscraper

STEP 1.Okay lets get on the ball with this first step. This is going to be very simple. All you have to do is draw a total of five vertical lines that are slightly tilted inward with the two shapes on the ends being smaller than the rest. Next draw the boxed shape of the building shape on the left as well as the guidelines the goes in horizontal direction.

STEP 2.In this next step you will start drawing out the vertical lines on the building structure to prepare your skyscraper for all the small looking windows you will place there in the next step. Make sure your lines are nice and straight as well as evenly spaced apart. Once that is done draw a horizontal line on the bottom of the building to make way for the solid structure.

STEP 3.In this next step you will start drawing out each individual window in the skyscraper and all the windows are perfectly square with the largest of them being at the bottom. You will then color in all the windows and then write out your own name for your skyscraper. The building to the left also needs design as you can see, so what you will do is draw out the designing. On the right side of the skyscraper you will leave the windows hollow looking.


STEP 4.This is your last drawing step and all you will need to do is draw out the rest of the squared windows just as you did in step three. Add some sign detailing to the bottom of the building including show lights and banners. Erase any visible sketch lines, or guidelines that you drew in step one. The horizontal line that you drew above the building is you skyline.

STEP 5.Once you are done your skyscraper should come out looking like the one you see here. All you have to do now is add some color for a day or night time sky and some color to your building as well. You have just learned how to draw a skyscraper step by step.

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