MAGK + illiz architektur: childcare center, maria enzersdorf

MAGK + illiz architektur: childcare center, maria enzersdorf

'childcare center' by MAGK + illiz architektur, maria enzersdorf, austriaimage © hertha hurnausa collaboration between austrian practice MAGK and illiz architektur, 'childcare center' is an elementary school and kindergarten in maria enzersdorf, austria. geometric windows and framed boxes projecting from the white surface create a dynamic envelope which contrasts the boldly colored pavement which encompass the building. the pixelated facade integrates playful colors to highlight special spaces for children including play areas and window box seats as well as architectural elements such as skylights, entrances, trash receptacles and special openings. circular benches proportionedfor children are scattered around the complex, contributing to the lively atmosphere.three large L's interlock to form two open-air courtyards which are landscaped with trees and contain sandboxes for students.additional playspaces are found within the void between the screened facade, providing a flexible and permeable outdoor space in which young children may freely flow between inside to outside.exteriorimage © hertha hurnausentranceimage © hertha hurnaus(left) entrance(right) facade is screened with a pixelated brise-soleilimage © hertha hurnaus(left) play area within screened facade(right) sliding door may be opened to allow children to play within the protected open air spaceimage © hertha hurnausinner courtyardimage © hertha hurnausaerial view of courtyardimage © hertha hurnausupper level corridorimage © hertha hurnausupper level corridor features color block elementsimage © hertha hurnauswindow box within the pixelated facade for childrenimage © hertha hurnausplay areaimage © hertha hurnausground level entryimage © hertha hurnauscorridorimage © hertha hurnauscorridor with views to blue climbing wallimage © hertha hurnauscorridorimage © hertha hurnausclassroomimage © hertha hurnausbathroomimage © hertha hurnausbathroomimage © hertha hurnausroof terraceimage © hertha hurnauscourtyardimage © hertha hurnauspixelated facade of windowsimage © hertha hurnaus

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