Qualifications of Green Roof Systems

Qualifications of Green Roof Systems

A typical green roof system includes:1. Waterproofing Membrane2. Protection Layer3. Drainage Layer4. Filter Layer5. Substrates SoilQualifications of the Protection LayerProtect the layers beneath from mechanical damageRetain WaterTear and puncture resistantPermeableNon-rotteningNeedle punched non-woven fibers (PP)Biological neutral

Specification Suggestion (Example):Moisture retention/protection mat made of no-rotting fibers, strength class 3, weight approximately 450 g/m2, for water?and nutrient retention as well as a protection layer in accordance with German Building Standard DIN 18195, GB/T13762 GB/T4667 & GB/3923?delivery and installation on the root barrier or root resistant waterproofing, inclusive overlapping and laid over the water-bearing level.Qualifications of the Drainage LayerRetain waterDrain Water quicklyStable (in accordance with the purpose,extensive, intensive, walk- or driveway)Resistant to humic acidsNon-rotteningBiological neutralSpecification Suggestion (Example):Drainage and water-retaining element made of high density polyethylene, with water retaining troughs and openings for ventilation and evaporation as well as multidirectional drainage channel system on the underside, height 25 mm, drainage rate to German Building Standard (DIN 4095), resistance to compression more than 350 KN/m2, delivery an installation according to manufacturer’s instructions.Qualifications of the Filter LayerFilter the fine particles of the substrate soil and prevent them from being washed outResistant to mechanical stress and strainResistant to all naturally occurring acids and alkaliChemically and biologically neutralNon-rottingVarious application possibilitiesEspecially high water permeability

Specification Suggestion:Filter sheet made of thermal consolidated Polypropylene/Polyethylene, non-rotting, water discharge approximately 80 l/m2s) if there is a water column of 100 mm, delivery and installation on the drainage elements with an overlap of 200 mm. Comply with Chinese standard GB/T 13762, GB/T4667 and GB/3923

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