Shell structures

Shell structures
light weight
constructions usingshell elements. These elements are
typically curved
andare assembled to
large structures
. Typical applicationsare fuselages of aeroplanes, boat hulls and roof structures in some buildings.A thin shell is defined as a shell with a thickness which issmall compared to its other dimensions and in whichdeformations are not large compared to thickness. A
primary difference
between a
shell structure
and a
plate structure
is that, in the
unstressed state
, the
curvature as opposed to plates structureswhich are flat
.Montréal Biosphere Buckminister filler,canadaMembrane action in a shell is primarily caused by in-plane forces (plane stress), though there may besecondary
forces resulting from flexural deformations
. Where a flat plate acts similar to a beam with bendingand shear stresses, shells are analogous to a cable which resists loads through tensile stresses. Though the idealthin shell must be capable of developing both tension and compression
Shell structure of the TWA Flight CenterBuilding by
Eero Saarinen
, John F. KennedyInternational Airport, New York
Nicholas Grimshaw, Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

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