takao shiotsuka atelier: cloudy house

takao shiotsuka atelier: cloudy house

'cloudy house' by takao shiotsuka atelier in oita, japan
all images courtesy takao shiotsuka atelier
image © toshiyuki yano

japanese architecture practice takao shiotsuka atelier has shared with us images of 'cloudy house', 
a two-storey private dwelling in a small-scale residential suburb of oita-city, japan. surrounded by 
other low-lying houses as well as farmlands and fields, the design focuses on the site's flow of light 
and wind to create a living space that is open to its environment. 

within context
image © toshiyuki yano

describing a classic gable-roof form, the overall volume of the house is simple yet distinct in its exterior 
expression. running through the spine of the layout is a tunnel-like passageway that tapers inwards in 
a funnelling fashion. serving as the entrance, the sheltered void space opens up the inward-facing programs 
while maintaining their privacy from views. the metallic cladding wraps around the elevations and roof
with skylights extruding out of the surface. 

street view
image © toshiyuki yano

image © toshiyuki yano

image © toshiyuki yano

image © toshiyuki yano

predominantly finished in a light shade of wood, the interior maximizes the effect of the site's natural 
daylight, taking in sunlight from the roof and elevated windows. the house's circulation is reserved at 
the center of the layout, longitudinally reaching one end to the other with a midway second-storey landing. 
built-in shelving which runs along one side of the stairs, transforming the space into a library. two large holes
on the roof have been excised to create outdoor terraces with views of the immediate surrounding. 

view of passageway from inside
image © toshiyuki yano

interior view of room
image © toshiyuki yano

image © toshiyuki yano

views of staircase and built-in shelving
images © toshiyuki yano

second storey and landing
image © toshiyuki yano

living space
image © toshiyuki yano

image © toshiyuki yano

dining space
image © toshiyuki yano

roof terrace
image © toshiyuki yano

image © toshiyuki yano

tiered outdoor space
image © toshiyuki yano

(left) bathroom
(right) view of passageway from bathroom
images © toshiyuki yano

at night
image © toshiyuki yano

image © toshiyuki yano

site plan

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level +1

(left) longitudinal section - A1
(right) cross section - A2

(left) longitudinal section - B1
(right) cross section - B2

(left) longitudinal section - C1
(right) cross section - C2

(left) west elevation
(right) south elevation

(left) east elevation
(right) north elevation

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