ACROS Fukuoka: The Largest “Green Roof” in Japan

ACROS Fukuoka: The Largest “Green Roof” in Japan

We ever discuss issues Green Roof which is currently applied inmany different buildings and houses. And that is also “most” Green Roof.

Building ACROS (Asian Crossroads Over The Sea) in the city of Fukuoka, Japan, the building may be the most environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) in the city (perhaps also in Japan).

That Buildings have a height of about 60 meters and buildings such as in general, which is decorated with glass in front, but the back of a garden that looks green and knowledgeable with the 35,000 plants that also spread to the roof of the building.With the terraced roof design at each level of the roof that have built a beautiful garden.

The goal, of course, to reduce heat in the building so the usage Air Condition (AC) is not too large, and also filter out the dirty air around.

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