The Views Of Moscow In The Evening

The city of Moscow looks terrific while being watched from the roof of the Federation Tower.

The sun is shining in spite of the fact it is -22 degrees Celsius in the street.

The upper floors can be reached with the help of this elevator that weighs 3500 kg.

Do you see the reflection of the elevating cabin in the glass of the window?

Floor 56.

Floor 64.

Then highest WCs in Moscow are located here.

Central part of the building.

One can lose his way here easily.

Hotel Ukraine, Government of Moscow.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Novodevichiy Convent.

Monument to Moscow, Hero-City.

Poklonnaya Mountain

Mirax Plaza.

Moscow State University.


Northern Tower.

The Mercury City Tower is under construction.

Saint-Petersburg Tower and Western Tower of the Federation Complex.

Location: Moscow

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