For several years Baku has been experiencing an incredible building boom

For several years Baku has been experiencing an incredible building boom. They build new hotels, office buildings, skyscrapers, modern art museums… which are just stunning! In this article we are going to show you the amazing combination of modern architecture and history.

Driving around Baku, you see building cranes and building lumber all the time. They have three areas to work on. First of all, they reconstruct old Soviet buildings. Secondly, they preserve the ancient part of city by building new buildings in the same architectual style and limiting the entry. And finally, they build multiple modern buildings of unbelievable beauty. On the picture you can see a modern shopping mall and a Hilton hotel. Looks great at night!

The building boom began after the country had won in the Eurovision Song Contest. The pace of construction is really fast because everything should be finished by 2012.

This new building is a carpet museum. It looks like an unrolling carpet. The tower which shows the time is from the Soviet era. It fits great into the modern surroundings.

Look at the building on the left. It looks like a historic building, but in fact it’s new.

The parks are clean and they look just perfect! Fountains, neat lawns, benches, illumination… It’s very pleasant to be there!

Illumination at night.

Flame Towers are the symbol of the city. These are towers of 34, 37, and 37 floors with hotels, offices, and apartments. Total floor area is 350 000 square meters. Construction budget is 350 million dollars.

The towers can be seen from any part of Baku.

The building project.

Zaha Hadid is a famous architect who designed a ‘Heydar Aliyev Center’ with a floor area of 52 000 square meters, a park area of 111 000 square meters, a conference hall, a museum, a library, and a sculpture park.

These are some of her other projects. A pavillion-bridge in Saragoza, Spain.

A ski jump in Innsbruck, Austria.

She designs not only buildings. Here’s her lamp, for example.


‘Heydar Aliyev Center’.

This sign means road construction.

Baku is a city with a special atmosphere. It seems alive, and even this funny statuette seems to have a soul.

Location: Baku

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