Foundation Form Preparation, Concrete Slab Pouring

Forms are in place for our first foundation/basement slab pour. The second photo shows the new slabs position relative to the existing guesthouse. 
The foundation /slab is being poured in 3 parts. The center section of the house was poured first. By law, you must have termite spray treatment on your foundation and the inspectors check to see that you do. After the excavation area was sprayed, the whole thing was covered in plastic. Wood pallets were laid on top just to keep the wind from moving things around. As you can see from the sky, we have had almost daily late afternoon showers from pop-up storm clouds that come in from out in the Gulf. Occasionally they arrive from north of us. It didn't rain here for about 6 months, and now we are getting just about daily showers. The rebar was added and inspected. concrete arrived the next day. 
I took these photos from the porch of the Phase I guesthouse. 

Very heavy rebar is going into this foundation. The lot was filled years ago and we did not have to put the foundation on pilings as the Nasellos did. The 'official' flood line is considered to be 9 feet and we are putting this building above nine feet. 

The prepared foundation and slab were inspected by the City of Gulf Shores Building Inspection Dept. and are awaiting concrete delivery. 

Meanwhile, my favorite osprey, who hung out in and around my property all last year seems to be back. He is the only one who will stay put while I watch him and walk up really close to the tree he is in. The osprey's voice is a really loud CHIRP that is the only bird call I can hear thru the DAC-ART walls. 

I heard him outside while he was perched in a tree that is really close to the guest house. I went out and whistled (I wish I was a better whistler--does anyone give lessons ?) and he stops chirping and looks directly at me. While other ospreys immediately fly off, this one hangs out and we take turns chirping at each other. The next day, it was a lot sunnier and he dove and grabbed a fish right in front of us in Little Lagoon. 

Quite a thrill to watch these huge birds in action....this delightful waterfront location provided endless amusement. 

It is hard to clearly photograph a bird in flight with an automatic camera, the camera sends out a been to auto-focus, but the bird has gone by the time the camera focuses.

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