How to Remove Concrete Slabs

How to Remove Concrete Slabs

Many times during a remodeling job, the most difficult part of the project is the demolition. And one of the most dreaded demolition tasks is removing concrete slabs -- not because it requires a lot of thought, but because it can be back-breaking, labor-intensive work. When you need to remove concrete slabs, you can save quite a bit of money if you're willing to do the work yourself instead of hiring someone else.


Things You'll Need
8- or 10-pound sledgehammer
Small hand sledgehammer
Circular saw, or a wet circular saw to reduce dust
Diamond blade for circular saw
Hammer drill with masonry bit
Jackhammer (optional)
Safety glasses
Dust mask
Steel-toe shoes


Make sure you are wearing all your safety equipment -- safety glasses, gloves, steel-toe shoes and dust mask. If you are going to be using power tools, you might want to also wear some ear protection.

Using the circular saw with diamond blade, cut the concrete slab you want to remove into smaller sections. If you are only removing a portion of a slab and leaving the rest in place, you will want to cut a line to separate the two areas. Sections of about 2 feet square are manageable amounts to remove at a single time.

Using the hammer drill or jackhammer, break up the concrete into smaller pieces that are easier to carry.

Pry smaller, harder-to-remove pieces with a crowbar. If the crowbar does not work, use the chisel and a sledgehammer to break up the pieces even more. Start with the bigger sledgehammer, and use the smaller sledgehammer for tighter spaces.

Haul away the concrete debris with a wheelbarrow or dolly. Consider renting a concrete trash bin from a local waste hauler. These bins have shorter walls than regular trash bins, making it easier to place 

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