?Is the world ready for Parametric/ Morphogenetic Architecture

My passion includes math,biology and patterns applied to architecture.


Patrick Schumacher is one of those who took the lid off. Now everyone tries to do it, but yet we rarely see such buildings executed perfectly. 

The construction industry isnt ready yet I reckon. And yet, I notice that universities are starting to offer Specialization on Bio Digital design, Parametric Design, etc.

BUT I also think that after graduating, most of its students go back to the academic environment as faculty and researchers,while some become founders of their own websites that caters to...what do you know, computational design topics. Only a number of firms could afford a department dedicated to this (such as Arup's Advanced Geometrical Unit, Foster and Partners etc)

Generally, it does look like an ugly loop i would say: study, graduate,come back teach to other students that would also soon graduate, come back and teach.

My question is: 

Is there any other form of industry that would demand an expertise on Parametricism? I mean like , Why take it as a specialization if theres not much demand for it after graduating?

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