Malaysia Shanghai Expo

The theme of the Shanghai Expo is ‘Better City, Better Life’, like all Malaysians, food is always the main source of inspiration from architecture to technology. I’m nothing more than a graduate architect, and I bet all third year students and I can design something better than that scaled up toy model, over stretched ‘Minangkabau’ roof.

Whenever a stranger asked me where I came from, the next question follows by my answer is – “What is there to eat in your hometown?” Malaysians are nothing more than eating machines, seriously, I find that question annoying and disturbing.

And to all Indonesians on Malaysia stealing ‘your’ Minangkabau roof, please read more on the history of Malaysia. It is like China accusing Singapore and Taiwan stealing the Lion Dance when both countryman are from the same group of people/race.

Swipenter: Just yesterday, a friend got back from Shanghai and he commented that the Malaysian Pavilion was more like a trade exhibition whereas others were showcasing the latest in technology and what is in store for the future. Ours is a crying shame because there is nothing to showcase, except arts and crafts. May I add a RM35 million crying shame.

Pah Eng Cheong: As I was lining up to go into the expo last week, a middle-aged Shanghai couple was in front of me. It was their third visit. We started to talk – at first they did not know that I am a Malaysian – and they told me that the Malaysian Pavilion was one of the worst, and advised me not to waste time going there.

David Yee: My friend and his family members just came back from the World Expo. He mentioned that not only the people manning the Malaysian Pavilion cannot speak Mandarin but they also failed to communicate well in English. How do we expect to promote Malaysia to the world if we cannot even speak English nor Mandarin.

The theme of the expo is ‘Better City, Better Life’. However, he said the Malaysian Pavilion has little to offer in regards to the theme and they are more inclined to sell overpriced handicrafts to the visitors.

Unfortunately, besides the predominantly kampung handicrafts. no diverse products from various races and communities were seen in the pavilion. Kindly proof my friend wrong if his facts are inaccurate.

Rakyat Malaysia: A miniature golf range? What are we trying to show to the world? What a joke! As if nobody has seen a golf course or golf range before. The Malaysian Pavilion is nothing special except a big kampung-like house. The design looks like a kindergarten project, only in larger scale.

But who cares? RM35 million went to the BN cronies again and we can forget that MACC will ever find the culprit in the case. Source: MalaysiaKini

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