Fresh Hills


As we approach Fresh Hills the undulating mounds look to be natural elements growing

from the earth. The closer we get, however, it is clear this structure, like the mounds below it,

are not native to Fresh Kills. Its form rests lightly on the existing topography and creates

definition across the expansive horizon. It caresses the East mound creating a seamless

integration between utility scale energy harnessing and a program filled landscape. It creates a

harmonious relationship between earth and wind.

Fresh Hills is a remedy for the typical turbine farm that so often isolates the landscape

and deters communities from engaging the space. The artificial landscape reaches upward

towards levels of increased energy potential. The points of lift reach higher at latitudes where

more predominant wind speeds and duration exist. It is a direct relationship between energy

and land. The apparatus is generated from the grafting of Fresh Kills windrose data onto the

site, creating a seamless exchange between the site specific data and the structure used to

harness that information. The project is site specific but the scheme can transcend the global


The apparatus supports the wind turbines while also acting as a buffer that redirects and
dissipates airflow towards the turbines vortex. The expansive surface area at the mouth of the
mounds funnels wind towards the turbine and takes advantage of the fluid dynamic nature of
airflow as a low pressure system is created on the other side of each mound in the central hub.
As a result, visitors are cradled by a pastoral central plaza that they enter between any two
energy generating turbine structures. As if standing at the eye of a storm, the central hub
becomes a place to gather, reflect, play and explore. At the same time, the hub acts as a
departure point guiding the user through its valleys to the extending vista platforms. The
platforms set up a relationship between the user and the park as they reach out to frame the
surrounding context. As site lines extend beyond the immediate park all the way to the
Manhattan skyline, a richer meaning to the history of Fresh Kills transpires. Fresh Hills is more
than a CO2 filtering, energy generating landscape; Fresh Hills is a beacon tuned to its specific
frequency. It illustrates to the world what the future of Fresh Kills stands for and delivers a
promise for a healthier future. It is a symbol that people will recognize, learn from, and interact
with for many years to come.

Status: Competition Entry
Location: Fresh Kills, NY, US
My Role: Design + Production Principle
Additional Credits: Emmy Maruta, Robbie Eleazer

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