Saumur, south of the Loire

The Grand Dolmen of Samur:   Location: Saumur, south of the Loire.
The largest 'dolmen' in France - It has has four massive capstones each about 2ft thick with the largest estimated 'very accurately by Vice-Admiral Boyle Summerville to weigh just over 86 tons'.
When we consider that the walls of the dolmen were also made of the same gigantic slabs, the overall estimate for the amount of stone used at the site to be around 500+ tons.

A plaque at the site tells us that the overall length of the dolmen is 23m (75ft), with the internal chamber at over 18m (60ft) in length and at least 3m high. There are no carvings or markings present. This site is unlike any other (remaining) and the specific design suggests a function. As with the other Saumur dolmens, it was built with large stone slabs, squared and trimmed in a style particular to this area.
Inside the Dolmen there is a stone bench and a supporting pillar under one of the capstones.
Although the Dolmen was built next to the Loire, it doesn't face it, but was orientated with its opening facing east, and may have once overlooked the distant junction of the Loire/Vienne, although all such views are now restricted by modern development.

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