The Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

The Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia :

This is the longest railway in the world, connecting Moscow with Vladivostok, in the Russian Far East, at the Sea of Japan. It was built in record time from 1891 to 1916, under the rule of Tsar Nicholas II. The Trans-Siberian Railway is 5,753 miles (9,259 kilometers) long, spanning over seven time zones. A train trip from Moscow to Vladivostok now takes eight days to complete.

The design of the route took ten years, since this railway was vital for Siberia’s economical development. Still, the project ignored many of the existing cities that demanded transport and many major Siberian cities remained unconnected. The workers involved in the project were mainly Russian soldiers and convicted laborers. The electrification of the line started in 1929 and finalized 80 years later. The construction of the line boosted the Siberian agriculture and its benefits continue to affect the Russian economy: 30% of the country’s exports travel on this line

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