Rehabitat: Green Housing Tower Recycles Jakarta’s Waste

Rehabitat: Green Housing Tower Recycles Jakarta’s Waste

Rehabitat is a new vertical housing development designed by Robert Cardenas, Andres Fuentes, and Barkev Daron at Sci-Arc  for the city of Jakarta. The main idea is to relocate the people living in Jakarta’s “kampongs” and to provide them with cultural and recreational facilities. The building is designed as a series of stacked boxes attached to a central core. Between each cluster there are leisure areas and outdoor gardens. Each of the housing boxes is perpendicular to the one on top to create different types of units and benefit from multiple panoramic views. Rehabitat is a designed as a green community with a recycle center that processes a great portion of Jakarta’s waste. The main structure is parametric and will be constructed offsite and transported by train which is a mere 200 ft from the site. Other green elements include solar panels and water collection systems.

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