Central Harlem STD Clinic

As part of the Mayors Design Excellence Program, SYA created a calm and reassuring clinic to encourage community use. Located in a landmarked McKim, Mead and White building, the $2.5M facility is wrapped by a combination of natural and high tech finishes with soft indirect lighting. An existing window wall clad in luminous sliding resin panels forms the backdrop for the reception and waiting area and provides a sense of orientation. The clinic is carefully planned for efficient patient and staff flow, easy navigation, and patient privacy. The project complies with the NYC DDC High Performance Guidelines through the use of sustainable materials and efficient systems. The high level of design and attention to light and materials, unusual for a public health clinic, is a source of community pride and has substantially increased its use by the community.

Awards: Society of American Registered Architects New York Chapter, Design Excellence Award 2011; Boston Society of Architects, Design Excellence Award, Healthcare Facilities Design Awards 2010; Contract Magazine, Healthcare Environment Awards 2010; Full Circle Award 2010, 3form Installation Contest; Illuminating Engineers Society, Illumination Awards, 2010 Award of Merit.

Status: Built

Location: Central Harlem, New York, NY

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