JOH 3 - Residential Building

JOH 3 - Residential Building 

Apartmenthouse Johannisstraße 3

© J. MAYER H. Architects
Project Architect: Hans Schneider
Main Facade (Photo: Ludger Paffrath)

Facade (Photo: Patricia Parinejad)

Gardenview (Visualization: Ludger Paffrath)

Apartment (Photo: Ludger Paffrath)

Section (Drawing: J. MAYER H.)

Project Team: Juergen Mayer H., Marcus Blum, Wilko Hoffmann, Filipa Frois Almeida
Competition Team: Juergen Mayer H., Thorsten Blatter, Marcus Blum
Invited competition 2008, 1st Prize
Project: 2008-2012
Completion: Spring 2012
Client: Euroboden Berlin GmbH

Architect on Site: Architekturbuero Wiesler, Stuttgart with Thomas Quinten Projektmanagement, Berlin
Structural Engineers: EiSat GmbH, Berlin
Building Services: Ingenieurgesellschaft Striewisch mbH
Building Physics: Ingenieurbüro Santer, Duisburg
Fire Security Consultant: Fire Safety Consult, Berlin and KLW Ingenieure GmbH, Berlin

Property development group Euroboden is realizing a unique residential building at Johannisstraße in Mitte, Berlin's downtown district. J. MAYER H. architects' design for the building, which will soon neighbour both Museum Island and Friedrichstrasse, reinterprets the classic Berliner residential building with its multi-unit structure and green interior courtyard. The sculptural design of the suspended slat facade draws on the notion of landscape in the city, a quality visible in the graduated courtyard garden and the building's silhouette and layout. Plans for the ground floor facing the street also include a number of commercial spaces. The generously sized apartments will face south-west, opening themselves to a view of the calm, carefully designed courtyard garden. Spacious, breezy transitions to the outside create an open residential experience in the middle of the city that, thanks to the variable heights of the different building levels, also offers an interesting succession of rooms. The units' varying floor plans and layouts indicate a number of housing options; condominiums are organized into townhouses with private gardens, classic apartments or penthouses with a spectacular view of the old Friedrichstadt. The integrated design concept, which incorporates everything from façade to stairwells, elevators to apartment interiors, promises a unique spatial and living experience with an eye to high design.

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