Earth skyscraper in Mexico City

Dear Do not try to adjust your computer screen; it very well.

What you see here is not distorted at all, and do not need to volatility yourself upside down in order to see clearly.
It's dazzling skyscraper proposed by the team BNKR in Mexico City, which is one of the largest cities in the world and the most populous and richest cultural heritage also.

This is exactly what make way for this skyscraper design depending on the history and also a green way.

The team plans BNKR architect now to create a sustainable skyscraper of 55 storeys under the ground, bearing the name "skyscraper the ground."

Cut off the skyscraper where the main city square creating multi-use space, filled with vertical gardens and energy-saving strategies and other innovations.

But here it should be referred to us is important; Due to the importance of historic Mexico, prohibiting local laws and federal demolition of historic buildings, and put other laws are very strict with regard to the establishment of new buildings, which should not exceed a height of eight floors.

This is exactly why the team BNKR innovation to dig a large building in the heart of the city land, to give her what you need office space, commercial and living spaces are necessary.

It will include the first ten floors of the cluster, the museum's pre-Colombian period, which will allow the glass ceiling there for all visitors to walk through the arena and enjoy the works of art Osfielhm.

As for the next ten floors, it will be reserved for retail and residential areas, has been put down these floors storey museum deliberately, so that the people roaming the city and explore the history, which may have been to Etjahloh not for this procedure.

For the 35-storey That the following reserved for office space. However, the design as a whole celebrates a gap of a central massive allow light and air natural flow through all the floors and help "corridors land" between the ten-story, to provide the building with air fresh and clean, thanks to the basins of plants in the gardens vertical filtered air of toxins and produce more of oxygen, not to mention the role of social Kmessahh open space, clean parts of the mass and increase it brighter.

As for the floors of the lower thread of the skyscraper, it has been allocated as parts art of the building, where there are paid generator aqueous water through the pumps outer wall, and recycles the water used and clean the rest of the facilities of the building, at the time that generates the most electricity for the facility.

In conclusion we can say, that the yard, "Zulka", a central square in the city, was probably the best option for the project, as it is surrounded by significant architectural monuments; Kalktdarih Alawasamah and the National Palace Square and the Constitution, along with station tunnels ... It is one of the most congested in the city, and is now with the design team BNKR richer and richer, with the same aesthetic characteristics of the historical, but added to the land of impressive skyscraper aided vocal.

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