juice making plants of Azerbaijan

Everybody knows that pomegranate is a trademark of Azerbaijan. 98% of all products of AZNAR plant are made for export. Let’s visit the two largest plants of the country making juice from real pomegranates – AZNAR (Grante) and Gabalinsky packing plant (Jale). 

The unique microclimate and the area soil are the main secret of the wonderful taste of these pomegranates. They are picked during 40-45 days in October-November. 3 kg of fruits give 1 litre of juice. AZNAR appies two different technologies of making pomegranate juice: production, bottling and dispatch or accumulation of the concentrate in antiseptic 50t tanks. In general the plant has 100 of such tanks.

Daily they can make 10-15 thousand of bottles. When the season is over they use the concetrate from the tanks.

The main importers of the juice are the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. Depending on a country one bottle of the juice may cost from 5 USD to 7 euros.


Only fresh and solid fruits are used for making the juice.

Pneumatic pressure membrane apparatuses

The contact with the air is minimized to avoid oxidation.

After pasteurization the juice is stored in such aseptic tanks from stainless steel whose capacity is 50m3 (for 5000 t).

And this is another plant – Gabalinsky packing plant producing juice “Jale and “Zolotoy Sad” (Golden Garden).

It occupies the area of 13 hectares and processes 70 000 tons of fruits annually making 210 000 tons of fruit juice and nectar. The plant has the newest production equipment. The working process includes all stages – from harvest and fruits acception to packing.

They make: fruit juice and nectar, fruit sauce and concentrates, canned fruits.
In general 26 types of neat juice are produced.

Apple juice and concentrate production line: primary sorting and juicing.

Some part of the concentrate is frozen, some part is exported.

Orange juice bottling

Tasting room

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